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You Paastards!

by Bored Guest

Indians over the ages have believed their present situation to be an outcome of their deeds in their previous lives. The entire cricket watching public of India has obviously take part in some heinous, unspeakable crimes in their pichla janam.

Listening to Auro and Murali Kartik commentating on NEO sports has been an unnerving and mindnumbing exercise. The bottomless pit of despair that one plunged into is going to take many years to be forgotten. Kids who have heard it will need to be closely monitored in future, lest they turn into raving homicidal neurotics.

If the 'act' was supposed to be a promo for Paa, all I can say is, "You Paastards!!".

NEO Cricket is taking people for a ride by showing a 15 over a side match and to top it also making money by turning that match into a movie promotion event. You can fool some people some time AND you can fool all the people all the time. Thanks NEO for showing us that every situation need not have to make an either/Auro choice.

by namya
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Rishabh said...

certainly, it left me shocked. At once when his voice popped out after an advertisement period, I was like - "Uh? What's going on? Why am I not able to understand English for the first time since 6th grade?". Then I realized the same thing as you mentioned in the post. I hope many kids were away from their TV sets when Auro was on chattering.

Gaurav Sethi said...

I lucked out namya, missed the Lanka innings and the Paastard. At least I saw Gambhir get run out.

Ranjeet said...

Namya, thebest I heard yesterday on TV was "kharbuja kharbuje ko dekhakar rang badalta hai" ! LOL

namya said...

It was pure agony Rishabh, plain and simple..
Ranjeet, was this Auro speaking? Could very well have been Murali Kartik: )

NC, Lucky you. I saw the Lanka innings and missed out onthe Gambhir run out: )

Mahek said...

Who's Auro?

namya said...


Auro is Amitabh's character's name in Paa (aarghh)