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Bitter Chocolate Boy.

by Gaurav Sethi

Painted in white chocolate he took that catch
You’d have thought that would win the match
They referred it, but couldn’t spoil it all
You watch it again, one more time, again
Every angle the camera could show
Go bring one more camera and shove it into the earth
See chocolate boy come right at you
Extra close up of how he took that catch
What else you gotta do, to win the match
Nayar, looking at that effort, I know you wanted to walk
What else you gotta do, hang around and scratch!

Get out there at forty six for three
Rock like you’re from the Ret Hot Chilli Peppers, a guy called Flea
I said, you get out there at forty six for three
And you rock like, rock like - you rock like you’re from the
Red Hot Chilli Peppers, a guy called Flea!

You swat them balls, Nadal style
You make loads of runs, a heap, a pile
You order pizza, runs, everything’s on quick dial
You engineer, architect, sketch them shots
You get a 100, you give it all you got
Chocolate boy, young white chocolate boy

144 runs you got your side
Left 7 guys 82 to get
Is there a hint of remorse?
A little regret?
Young chocolate boy, bitter chocolate boy

1 comment:

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Superb , NC ! great rhythm - cud hear flea doing the bassline , jumping around in his usual style , i.e. a bit like our bitter chocolate boy--> man what a moment ....watched it a few times today , whew