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Bring back the bad word.

by Gaurav Sethi

Agarkar. I’ve always had a good laugh at his expense, who hasn’t?

Here’s a sampler from BoredCricket on twitter

When it wasn’t looking good:

Agarkar's spot on the India bench is on the line here

Down the leg, more like the Agrakar we love and loathe

And when it was looking good:

Agarkar will now take the selectors' phone call

Generally being nasty:

Batsmen duck when Agarkar bowls. That's sledging.

At one point a batsman ducked four times to Agarkar. That's sledging

But if only you saw the catch he took to win Mumbai the Ranji – there are those who will call it straight forward, even a regulation catch – but beware, these are the toughest ones. Already a catch had gone down in the previous over, straight forward too; and this was pressure, and you know how he gets with pressure – leg side half volleys. But not this ball. It was right on the money, the Rs 2 crore purse – caught and bowled Agarkar. That’s what the scorecards will say, and that’s what it was meant to be – five for Agarkar, well bowled.

Another thing, you know why we love to pull his leg – because that’s his favoured side. Don’t say lame, say leg.


Naresh said...

Yeah NC - he's damn good ;)

Homer said...

Had told you that Agarkar would have a huge role to play in the game :)


Gaurav Sethi said...

Sure Homer, sensed it too. Through this Ranji, he's had the belief, either came off with bat or ball; and today with a celebration too.
Congrats man!

Naresh, won't go that far

Rohit said...

To someone who didn't know better, a look at Agarkar's career stats would have him thinking about how we can afford to leave him out. But we know better, don't we?!

On an unrelated note, am I the only person who was so excited by the hype over Mithun's pace that led me to scour the commentary for a figure somewhere only to come back disappointed after finding 2 mid 130's!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Rohit, wata shame, career stats don't bowl or bat - otherwise his fastest 50 and fastest to 50 wickets would've been on a roll!

His lousy test numbers did him in, in ODIs too - the reverse worked with Sree, good test numbers bought him the ODI berth.

And don't we know, one dayers aren't Sree's scene.

(Agarkar's last one dayer

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Who among us doesn't enjoy a good Ajit joke !

Naresh said...

NC - that was partly an "Ajit joke".

But only partly - for the purpose of this Ranji final (with possibly Manish Pandey being the only "class act" at least going by performance), he was bound to be a handful - given that he would have some leeway with the "down the leg side theory".

And playing for Mumbai is playing for Mumbai after all.

Unknown said...

Mumbai are the fucking Australia... no, scratch that. Mumbai are the fucking Yankees or Indian cricket. Sure, once in a while they have a bad year, but they will ALWAYS come back hard at you. No wonder they are the best team in India by miles.

Well played to Karnataka - especially Pandey, Vinay and Mithun. You took on the best team in India and came within 6 runs of winning. That deserves some MAJOR kudos