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Early Bored Call: Amit Mishra can bat, man.

by bored cricket crazy indians

"On the basis of Bhajji’s charge against the Aussies, you’d think he has some stratospheric first class batting average. It’s a charming 19.11. Point to be noted milord. 11 fifties too. That’s how he always makes the 11.

Poor Chotu’s first class average is merely 19.50 – only .39 more than Bhajji’s.

Also, he has played 86 to Bhajji bhai’s 141 games. And to Bhajji’s 11, he only has 9 fifties.

But a moment of batting beauty, both Bhajji and Chotu have a first class high of 84."

Mishra’s first test fifty, any coincidence it came without Bhajji’s blessings? Mishra batting at No.3, any coincidence it came under Sehwag's captaincy? Mishra’s 98 run partnership, any coincidence it was batting with Gambhir?

You could argue that unlike Bhajji who scores against the Aussies, this was only against an ordinary Bangladesh side. Look at it this way, against the Aussies, Mishra prefers to play as a bowler; a five for on debut, 14 wickets in 3 tests @ an average of 24.

As for Bhajji’s pain in the neck, it’s better than being a pain in the Amit.


straight point said...

if i were mishra i would have looked to score century that was there for the taking knowing this golden opportunity is not going to come again in foreseeable future...

Mahek said...


Mishra probably didn't want to go the Gillespie way ;)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Guys, was thinking just that - if a double did Gillie in, imagine what a 100 would've done to Mishra.

I'm glad to got a 50 at least. But yeah, Mishra needs to stop underselling himself - body language needs to be less hangdog, must be something he picked up from Bhajji.