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by Gaurav Sethi

This try series final was an incredible game to miss – I watched most of it with my ears. Then I walked out on it completely –and by the time I returned to soak in the not-so-damp outfield, we were done bar Shastri’s shouting.

It was only at 48.2 overs that the statistical brilliance of this game hit me – both India and Sri Lanka froze at 245 after 48.2 overs.

If it wasn’t for Freesanth, whose return we campaigned for, Lanka may have taken another 48.2 overs. But here’s the deal with Sree – he’s spot on for tests but in one-dayers he goes for a T20 lashing and in T20s a Hong Kong Super 6s bonking. Think he’s taking his role as Ishant’s replacement far too seriously.

What about Suresh Raina? He made a hundred, top scored from both sides, ended up on the losing team and naturally didn’t get the man of the match award.

But these awards are so random, had India won, or rather Lanka self destructed, you know who the man of the match...Raina, who else? Which is why I’m all for twin man of the match awards.

It’s a shame Kulasekara lacks common courtesy, and didn’t pass the buck ($1500?) to Raina. If Sachin was there, you know what he would’ve done?

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