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Enter Yusuf Pathan at 60/5

by Gaurav Sethi

Exit Yusuf Pathan at 60/6

There aren’t many who miss Yusuf today. But while he was there, he sure knew how to NOT make it count. To be fair to him, he was never out of form – as the pundits will say, he never lasted long enough to be measured.

He came, he didn’t see, and he was conquered. Why then remember him today? Is it his Happy Bored Day. Far from it. Today, India 60/5; when Yusuf’s replacement walked in – Ravendra Jadeja. He fixed the innings somewhat; that goes with the name perhaps.

As I write, Jadeja helps rewrite India’s one-day innings from 60/5 to 166/5. Looks like he had a drink too many, 166/6.

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