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by Bored Guest

The chairman of selectors was in a fix. "yeh bandha Dhoni", he was thinking, is “too chatur”. I give Badri in the squad, and he doesn’t play him. I give him Mishra, and he has the chutzpah to drop him after a good performance. And I cannot do anything about it because he is the country's darling.

Howsoever I manage to pack the squad with my guys, they seem to not get a chance. How do I get over this? Thinking, Thinking.

One day, just as he saw Rahul Dravid lay blinking on the hospital bed, our chairman got it in a flash. Eureka he came out shouting, thankfully fully clothed.

Next day, MSD sees the squad - and he knows his goose is cooked.

For, look at the squad and resolve this:

MSD wants to play 6 batsmen? You've got no choice but to pick Badri, dude. Take that!

Ok, you want to try to avoid that by going for 5 bowlers? You've got to pick Mishra dude!('cos you cannot obviously justify picking a newbie over Mishra when he has done well in the most recent test! Or, can you? One never knows, MSD might still pull a surprise)

Now, c'mon, MSD, show us who you hate more - Mishraji or Badri thambi(aNNan to you!) :-)

by Raj


straight point said...

bulls eye raj... :)

only six batsmen out of fifteen member squad... dhoni take that!

Unknown said...

I was just thinking... what if Laxman's fingers get damaged again while practicing on the eve of the Test match? What if Sehwag or Gambhir pull a hamstring? Selectors will be bashed up by the media for not having a reserve batsman.

raj said...

I think Cheeka has pulled a fast one here. This is clearly an attempt to get Badri to play a test. As Shridhar observed, it will backfire spectacularly if one of the batsmen get injured on the morning of the match.

straight point said...

its risk worth taking...

- badri

raj said...

And I dont think Badri is in great form either. So, this is going to be THE END for him. Sad end for a talented cricketer, who however had to compete with much heavier weights. Ofcourse, he could have been given a chance over Yuvraj but that's a minor if. Badri has to swallow the bitter pill and realise that he is the spiritual successor to KP Bhaskar Pillai

Mahek said...

They'll go in with 5 bowlers if one of the batsmen get injured. I bet Mishra won't make the side even then.

raj said...

Mahek, your one line comment is what this post is all about. I have just expanded that one line to this post :-)

Mahek said...

Why use one line when you can use twenty one? :P

achettup said...

It would appear that you have overlooked the obvious path that Dhoni has been forced to take: to play himself as a batsman and delegate keeping responsibilities to Saha, thereby keeping both Badri and Mishra out! The team would then read:
Sehwag, Gambhir, Vijay, Tendulkar, Laxman, Dhoni, Harbhajan, Saha, Khan, Ojha and Sharma.
You're smart KS, but Dhoni is smarter!

kny789 said...

I can't believe I missed that! Looking forward to this new game between MS and KS.

But looking forward to the BPXI game even more.

Mahek said...

Damn, that is the work of an Evil Genius!

raj said...

ach, ofcourse MSD is smarter. I am pretty sure that's how things are going to turn out.

Aditya said...

even if a batsman is injured they can get a new one as the BPXI match is also in nagpur and we have loads of batsman waiting there hence it won't be a problem.

Bardi has just shown his class in the Duleep trophy. Good for him!

If Mithun bowls exceptionally well in the BPXI match
Will Dhoni drop Ishant and play Mithun? After what he did to mishra in the team list even that might be a possibility!

BPXI teams has a notable emissions : Virat Kohli,Raina and Kaif when people were talking of them making the test team!

BPXI match should be interesting !

Anonymous said...

i think then Srikanth would get his son play Test cricket.

Free of cost :P

Trideep said...

I somehow have a feeling that this time MS will give Badri a game.. and my intuition says he will not score a lot of runs.. then he will get dropped.. and then he will be kicked out as a player who cudnt make the bridge between domestic & international cricket..

BTW.. i now write at

raj said...

Badri is not good enough for this indian team. Badri doesn't have it in him to emulate michael hussey in test cricket and have a good test career