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"The Hindu Nature Is Like That Only"

by achettup

or in his exact words, Sohail Tanvir said “Hinduon ki zahaniyat hi aisi hai” [click on the link to read the whole story and see the accompanying video evidence]
Of course, a few days later Tanvir had a slightly different tone of voice:
"I have nothing personal against India and if any opportunity arises in future where I am invited to play in the IPL or Champions League I will definitely go to play if my seniors do the same," Tanvir told PTI.

"I will do whatever my seniors tell me to do or go by the guidelines provided by the Pakistan Cricket Board," Tanvir, who played for inaugural champions Rajasthan Royals, added."

Naturally there is only one conclusion here. Sohail Tanvir is mindless zombie who only does as his "seniors" (whoever they are) instruct him, eh? (it must have been them who told him to say that initial quote too then, right?) Its no wonder the people of India, and Hindus in particular, haven't heard an apology from him for his earlier statements because everybody knows mindless zombies don't apologize, they just continue advancing towards you, trying to eat your brain.

Even if he wasn't a mindless zombie, it would be pretty difficult for him to apologize. I mean, it would be an insult to him, his honor, his country, his country's honor, the people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan's honor. And perhaps worst of all, it would be an admission of guilt. Fortunately there is a solution.

Tanvir can claim to be an actor rehearsing some lines. It was a TV show after all, wasn't it? The Pakistani Cricket Board, the Pakistani Government and Tanvir himself can then go on to claim that he is a "non-state" actor, as in he freelances and has no contract with the government in his role as an actor. There you go, everything is solved! Because nobody has to apologize anymore (and of course, automatically nobody from India will expect one!). After all, everybody knows, non-state actors do not apologize.

Disclaimer: No Indian cricketers, cricket administrators, government officials or other people or their honor or sensibilities were hurt in the production of this post.

It is not my intention to create communal disharmony or spark a rabid flame war here. The facts are that by making statements like the title, Tanvir hurts sentiments and does far more damage to (not just his own chances of getting into an IPL team) any efforts to diffuse ill feeling between the two countries and improve relations. It benefits nobody. How prevalent his opinion is in Pakistan is what should cause greater concern (just see the rest of that show).

Even if said in anger, the natural thing for him to do is apologize. But I ask you now, how many of our government officials, cricket administrators, media outlets and citizens in general have demanded an apology or expressed outrage at what is clearly a bigoted statement made by someone who they are going out of their way to accommodate (and pay handsomely) in our domestic tournament? Maybe just this blogger but he'd do anything to write a cricket post that included the term "mindless zombie"... and maybe thats a good thing. Because there are far too few cricket posts written nowadays that include the term "mindless zombie."


Mahek said...

I'm glad nobody asked Chidambaram to issue a statement about it. It's hard to take guys like Afridi and Tanvir seriously. The worst part of this is their statements give their whole country a bad name. Can you imagine the reaction in India if Sreesanth made a similar comment about Muslims? He'd have a hard time playing for India again.

Naresh said...

these beggars are choosy.....

Anil Singh said...

ACHETTUP, actually no matter what people show from outside, Pakistan and India never really trust each other.

You wonderfully outlined this fact.

Reverse Swing said...

dear ACHETTUP it is same thing like calling Pakistanis terrorists, did anybody apologies on that? Did we heard any apology for saying 1.7 million people terrorists who not only have nothing to do with it but are also victim of the worst terrorism and are fighting their life out of this mess.

This is a truth we have hates in deeply injected in us in last 60 years by the great policies and politics we are the generation which is growing up listing and witnessing this stuff from the days we started toddling and this is equally true on both side.

70% of Indians are calling Pakistanis terrorists so what do you think they will be thinking about you? 70% of them also think about you in almost the same way as Tanvir.

And as far as Sohail Tanvir is concerned he has talent but no sense and that is why he is been kicked out of the team due to his behavior his fault is not being diplomatic and saying it in public.

Som said...

Hayden wasted it on Bhajji. Here you have the actual obnoxious weed and when I say so, I'm being generous.

Mahek said...


Have you heard any Indian cricketer refer to Pakistanis as terrorists? Worse still, did any of them say such a thing about people of a certain religion?

Reverse Swing said...

@Mahek, that is what I said about Sohail, he has no sense he doesn't even know a single word by him even echo, he bloody represents a nation but he is as dumb as it could be and there are others too.

Mahek said...

Is he too dumb to apologise for saying what he said? Would you say the same about the host and the guest on that show? That video has shown your country in a bad light and yet no apology has been forthcoming from the guilty parties. How do you expect the world to see the good side of Pakistan, and I know there is one, if people like these are allowed to get away with such talk?

Anonymous said...

We do not expect the bloggers and snubbed cricketers from Pakistan to issue lovey dovey statements on India.

however what Tanveer said is purely in bitter taste and Muddasar going further to equate it to Indian sentiment on "pakistanis being terrorist" is equally sour.

i mean how cheap and downwards this cricketers can go?

Its a simple message or like putting a signboard "you are not welcome in the drama, despite you might be the world champs but having you on board would be problematic" , still it does not go well with the snubbed ones.

They want to have money, they want to cry, they want self pity, they want every thing and yet they want to call bad names to India.

Not done.

And when this all is happening, the spinach guy and the bad guy of pakistan cricket are making more noises.

Anil Singh said...


Agree with you on some points made.But what does this

"We do not expect the bloggers .... to issue lovey dovey statements on India."


Why can't bloggers say what they feel about India. If people on news channels can shout all day,why can't bloggers do the same.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

My god ,what mentality ! just unbelievable , which planet , day and age is he from! this gotta be the most disgusting thing i've ever heard from a public personality...this guy shudn't even be playing for his own cretin ass let alone an IPL side.its a minor tv channel so i wonder if this episode is even known to people...certainly hadn't read about it anywhere...Anyway,its disgusting ,sickening.

rmblr said...

It wasn't said out of malice. it was a moment of honesty borne out of disappointment.

Hindus appear as backstabbing villains in every national myth here, just as Indian Muslims appear as a potential fifth column in the ones on the other side.

I guess ours may be easier to believe since you lot are all over there, conveniently absent.

But for what it's worth, like RS said, he is speaking for the vast majority here. Most of ours, probably like most of yours, are petty, ignorant, xenophobic and prickly.

Mahek, Atv is a minor channel. The mainstream ones WOULD strongly take issue with such language but i just don't think they've noticed. Maybe someone will, if you guys give it more airtime.

In any case, I can totally see our politicians stepping in and turning it into a circus.

And I'm pretty sure that Tanvir believes he's said nothing wrong, and that the apology is only to soothe Indian touchiness.

Bhaskar, I'm truly surprised at your shocked reaction. I thought Indo-Pak hatred was common knowledge. My eight year old sister wouldn't be shocked.

Chandler, Mudassar wasn't equating the two. He was saying that the Indian media's portrayal of Pakistan isn't balanced either, and that is easily taken as evidence for the conniving backstabbing stereotype by those who believe in it.

rmblr said...

Case in point, from the comments on the original article:
its very clear what pakistani's think or talk about india.

what people are yet to realize are your kind who belongs there but unfortunately for hindus remain here.

One amongst many. But to this gentleman's credit, he didn't say it on national TV while representing considerably more than himself.

Mahek said...

So it's okay for Tanvir to make a racist remark on one channel but not okay if he does it on PTV or GEO TV? I'm sorry buddy, but that makes no sense at all.

rmblr said...

Of course it isn't remotely okay.

But Geo or Dawn, for instance, would've been more careful. They hold themselves to a higher standard.

And if the issue became bigger, they'd love to bang Tanvir and the upstart ATV on something like this.

Mahek said...

I guess so. I think this video has been viewed by more Indians than Pakistanis :D

achettup said...

@Reverse Swing: Don't you think it is time to move away from politics, policies and pain the previous generations keep reminding us about to perpetuate this stupid hatred? If 70% of Indians really believe that, then there are only two things to conclude:
1) They are stupid
2) Our TV Channels do a remarkable job keeping all of them off camera.
I don't believe, or rather hope, that the numbers aren't that high. Call me optimistic but I believe the majority of people would, in normal circumstances, agree that it is a fanatical minority who are the only ones that benefit by prolonging this environment of suspicion and hatred. It would be very, very sad if the majority of people believe this but do not say it for diplomatic reasons. Let me ask you, do you belong to the 30% or 70% that you classified? I have made my honest stand on the matter clear and from my daily conversations with people of all religions in India I know that over 95% of them share the same view.
I will say that I firmly believe that when the rhetoric ends, when people stop using every unfortunate event based on the uncertain climate that prevails as an opportunity to claim it as (exaggerated) evidence of their bigoted point of view, we will start seeing fewer cases such as this incident involving Tanvir.
Accepting that you could have made a mistake and apologizing for it is but one step to counter it.

achettup said...

@Gorogoro If this is truly the case, then it really is all the more disappointing. If the majority accept an ideology of bigotry there can be little hope for those with sensible views to reach out and talk reason with the population, and hence the chance to prevent catastrophic conclusions could easily slip by... the same conclusions that are the goals of the fanatical minority who know this is their only hope of gaining power.
The case you mention is disappointing to me as an Indian, and I think you'll find in those same comments that other Indians have expressed regret that some of those from our country have used this as an opportunity to vent their radical spleen.
Also it is not just a question of what Tanvir represents. When the Pakistani cricketers were left out, we heard politicians from the country say they were "heroes" and it was an insult to the country when the heroes were treated humiliatingly. But aren't your heroes idolized by millions of children whose minds haven't yet been molded to inherit a doctrine of suspicion? Would they not try to ape their hero? All the more reason for him to take a responsible stand and apologize and say that he truly does not believe that and is disappointed that he spoke like that. Unless, he intends for the future generations to act as he did.

achettup said...

@A Bisht: But isn't it time that stopped? Why should my children fight my grandfather's fight, do they not deserve better than to lose their lives to over a stupid vendetta that has no meaning in todays world? Better that someone takes the first step, otherwise it indicates the reluctance of both sides to achieve peace in preference to pointless conflict.

achettup said...

@Chandler: You fuck off till you change your blog name to "Mahela Jayawardene is my cricketing God" for one month.

Mahek said...

Meanwhile the toothless tiger has meowed again.

"This is not Shah Rukh, but the Khan in him that's saying all this. Let Shah Rukh go and stay in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad. He is not needed in Mumbai. (Shiv Sena chief) Balasaheb has made it clear that Pakistani players wouldn't be allowed to play in the IPL or set foot in Maharashtra," Raut said.

Raut did not stop at that. He warned Shah Rukh not to defy the diktat of the Sena. "There will be dire consequences if Shah Rukh defies the orders of the Sena chief. Shah Rukh must think twice before speaking. This is Maharashtra and the Shiv Sena chief's writ runs here," he said.

Why is our government unable to put an end to these sainiks of shame?

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Hi Gorogoro : what you've said is true mostly. BUT that wasnt my point , you missed it. Let me put it this way - think of the most illeducated , inarticulate and crude indian cricketer ever (and there have been plenty !) whoever that may be ,he'd not only never EVER name a community like that in public , but he could never even THINK of doing it. and i can tell you , most (of course not all - there are plenty of fanatical assholes in india too) would not even THINK along those lines. I'm not going to gloat about our natural diversity here. but maybe that whats missing on your side of the fence ? until i saw this post , to be very honest , the pak players had my full sympathy for the way this whole thing was handled. i thought they cud have been spared the humiliation by not having their names at i dont give a flying f*** at least for this guy...its not about indian , pakistani , hindu or muslim..its about being a human being in the 21st century.dig ?

Rohit said...

@ Mahek...

I've always wondered why they couldn't just put the rotting geezer in jail and be done with it. It's probably the backlash that they fear.
I wish someone up there would just take a stand with these buffoons once and for all. Not even 20 years of Mumbai has inured me to these royal jackasses.
I was fine with Thackeray Sr. because the bucket is hovering near his leg and it won't be long now. But the fact that Raj has risen to this extent shows that the animosity is still there to be channeled among the populace. The centre, of course is handling him with gloves as well. It's a mess, really....!

rmblr said...

Solid point about heroes. Someone should ask Tanvir what he was thinking. I have no idea if the man is stupid, an actual bigot or just trying to talk tough on tv.

When i said vast majority I meant it. I was thinking of all those who live in small towns or villages, don't watch Indian movies and whose only reference points for Hindus are grandad's Partition horror stories, and dad's memories of how they stole East Pakistan and enslaved Kashmir.

I'm sure you have counterparts in that vast darkness where modernity is an infrequent visitor. And then there's those slums.

In any case, I hope I'm wrong and your estimate is less wishful than it seems to me. But I'd wager that bigotry and communal vitriol is alive and well.

rmblr said...


I get what you're saying.

In truth, most of our cricketers DO know better. Much better. Tanvir's statement was anomalous in that sense.

I'm not sure about how cosmopolitan his background is, but you'd never catch Younis, Salman, Yousuf, Asif, Shoaib or either of the Akmals say something like that. On or off the record.

Secondly, even Tanvir would NEVER say a word about Punjabi mentality or Mohajir mentality. Or Shia or Sunni mentality. It'd be different if 10% of Pakistan was Hindu.
Mohajirs e.g. are just 7.5%

Just out of curiosity, can you see your hypothetical lout saying Paki Mentality?

rmblr said...

Okay enough yakking about idiots. They don't deserve the attention.

Everyone who hasn't seen it yet, go watch this


Rohit said...

@ Gorogoro..


Anonymous said...

Ache, never in my blogging life.

@ABisht: What i meant was they should say what they want but they should not say filth and draw a line b/w sense and jingosim, which is a bit too much to expect.

Anonymous said...

Gorogoro, long back Imran Khan asked to decide Kashmir's fate on results of India Pak games in Sharjah, now why not decide them on series right now.

Enslaved Kashmir. Gawd!!

rmblr said...

Chandler, I get the feeling that you didn't get a word i wrote. And I don't really feel like explaining anymore.

Anil Singh said...


Thank you for agreeing that Bloggers too have a right to speak their mind.

But Brother, if you say a blogger has to say sense, then my question is, who will decide whether something makes sense or not.

In addition, if someone doesn't agree with the other person, will it be ok to advice them hem/her to shut up.

Want to hear from you on this. :)

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Gorogoro : OMG ! that video was killer ! :) :) ha ha

Ketan said...

So Sohail Tanvir is a crazy guy and said stupid things. What about the journalist? And how come Pakis have no issues in equating India with Hindus. Here in India political parties bend over backwards to win the Muslim vote. I guess soon Hollywood will make the sequel to No country for Old men....."No country for Hindu men or women"