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Shameful, an Ad cut short for the cricket.

by Gaurav Sethi

Clearly, there’s too much cricket going on. Today, when MSD came on to bat, he was playing two games; one against Bangladesh, the other in his mind. Shakib too, was playing two games; one against India, the other, you guessed it, in his mind – why else would he win the toss and field second? The dew be damned, I wanna play cricket mind games, Dhoni da!

Damn, another ad cut short – for the first ball of the over; came in half way through the spinner’s run-up, and even saw him deliver. The sceptics will say it was the Bangladeshi captain, Shakib bowling to his Indian counterpart, and the damn ad will run fully if it’s say, Mahmudullah bowling to Kohli. I have my doubts.

This is a trend; forcing us to consume more cricket, and miss out on some of those new Tata car ads. I could tell you what the ad’s about, but like the telecast, I’ll have to cut you short for a cricket update.

Here’s Rubel. Would you believe it, there’s a break for ball change, but still no ads. They’re showing the dismissals again. As if it’s not bad enough getting out once.


Bhaskar Khaund said...

:-) ha ha ads cut short for cricket LOL ....incidentally was zapped at the no. of ads in the indian beam , totally irritating and counterproductive for the advertisers too (putting on the media planner hat). out here , its one between overs ,sometimes not even that if they don't manage to sell and large u get to see each ball...BTW, oh yeah there was a game on today wasnt there..what happened , we won ?

namya said...

I suspect some foul play in this. Ads are our birthright and we should fight for them. How about starting a group on FB to protest these unsporting practices.

Gaurav Sethi said...

BK, they could have ads running on the back of players - TVs are featherlight these days

namya, only if we can get some ads on the fb group first