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When you walk off with a dismissed batsman.

by Gaurav Sethi

Poor MSD had to walk all the way back with Bhajji. If only he could dismiss him from his presence. But being his teammate and captain, he had little choice in the matter. It was not easy. They walked together, yet they did not walk together.

Unless MSD is a ventriloquist, he did not speak to Bhajji. Nor did he make eye contact with him – yes, cricket is not a contact sport. But that must have been the longest 100 metres MS has done.

Bhajji, a grumbler at best of times, was clearly upset after being dismissed, what turned out to be the last ball. Appears Yuvi was in the loo again. Dravid was seeing the stars after that knock on his head. And Ishant and Zaks were standing outside the loo as well – who wants to pad up for a few balls.

Mishra put his hand up, but then Sehwag reminded him of his non-selection.

While all this was happening MSD and Bhajji continued to walk back, it was one long walk. Had both batsmen been not out, they would’ve been talking dirty, making Ashrafool jokes and punching each other like they was bags.

Not to be. Bhajji was thinking about Mishra, as was MSD. As for Mishra, he slowly put his hand down. In the first test, it was noticed he was much slower through the air. As he lowered his hand slowly, it did turn, rather sharply. Nobody noticed.


Mahek said...

Dhoni even lent his bat to Hulchul Singh in the hope that he might do something good. Some things are just not meant to be.

straight point said...

dhoni was apparently angry on bhajji... first for taking two wickets less than mishra and then scoring 1 run less than him in first innings...

now bhajji will have to score more than 50 runs and take more than 6 wickets in second innings to justify his place... which going by his current form is a bit of worry hence dhoni's anger...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Mahek, there is a cricket god on some days

SP, he needs to drop catches and kick ad hoardings to justify his love