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DKNY is fashionable again.

by Gaurav Sethi

Last June, DKNY was in the Caribbean, playing cricket for India, opening the batting, in the form of his life, almost MSD’s life. What did he do – something MSD wouldn’t have done, he scored a sixty, got cute, got out.

That’s been his India story – who would have thought he’d play 11 ODIs in 2009-10. A top score of 67 in that game where he threw it all away. Yuvraj got a big hundred, made DK’s 60 look small and silly. How did that series pan out, just like his brain freeze allowed – 67, 4, 47. Not bad, but what about master MS, the man of the series – 41, 95, 46*.

Being second best can be habit forming. Forget outdoing MS, this kid refuses to play to potential. He does occasionally for the Daredevils, and in the last few days for South Zone. Two big hundreds, who’s looking – after the Windies’ series, 8 more one-dayers, all in the subcontinent, some crazy cameos, no hundreds.

So now he is not even the second choice wicketkeeper. All the hundreds in the first class games won’t get him back in a hurry; nor will all the injuries in the India squad.

For a change, DK needs to feel the hurt for doing himself in. He could even dump the keeping, and pitch himself as an out 'n' out batsman. His out-fielding and catching is first rate, and on a good day, he’s even more enthused than Bhajji. Have you seen DKNY clap, jump, mutter away?

Yeah, he’d be far better competing with Rohit Sharma and his ilk. What a job for the selectors – they’d be marking players with fragile minds and their potential. Yusuf Pathan could outscore the whole lotta them. And didn’t he just score one of those manic hundreds? But for now, it’s Rohit who’s been asked to stay back as cover for VVS. We're close enough to the IPL, time for Nohit to become Rohit again.


Akhil said...

DK is stuck in some under 19 haze, what a waste of talent

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Akhil, why demean the under 19s. DK's problem is an attention span lesser than a flickering tubelight. But if comes on, it's bright alright.

straight point said...

the stage was beautifully set up for him... but like earlier he blown away a golden opportunity in first test against deshis...

i think next series being with sa made goose bump in his stomach... ;-)

harry said...

183 and 150 aint good enough to get him back in the team.saw (live)kaif and badri score a ton in the duleep trophy semis,with the kind of bowling i too would have scored a quarter century!!!! so lets not talk about tons in domestic cricket.if this was the parameter for pickin up guys then kaif (200 odd in amritsar and 100 in indore back to back}would be back in the team, and we all know the guy is an amazing fielder( though i saw him drop a sitter at first slip.......the capt doesnt field at point!!).though i wish boss d.k.could keep better.there is no hope for him primarily as a bat.and like SP said a duck and 20 in the first test against bengalis,doesnt endear you to anyone,what an opportunity lost.i wonder if he will ever play again in the big leauge.feel sorry for him too.but i guess....cest la vie!