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Only 10 percent of questions are difficult: thoughts on Afridi ball biting incident

by A Bisht

Shahid Afridi’s ball biting incident reminds me of what a friend of mine told me once. Here it is.

While preparing for Banking competitive exams; my friend used to go to a coaching Center. There, a teacher who used to teach quick mathematics; used to remind one thing to every student one day prior to every Examination.

He used to say, 70 percent of all questions are easy; 20 percent are average; and only 10 percent are difficult. If you stumble upon a really difficult question, don't kill time to solve it; instead move on to the next question.

But even after receiving such a non-confusing wisdom; some so called really intelligent students, used to boast, the next day, how many difficult questions they managed to solve; underlining the fact that, though the paper was easy, they just can’t attempt all the questions, as they just ran out of time.
The teacher had a special name for such really bright students "Tees Maar Khan" or in simple OVER SMART.

I always knew, Afridi is bright (so are some other Pakistan players too); but after this incident, it can be said with conviction that Afridi is a real "Tees Maar Khan". You can call him Over Smart too.

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