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Secret uncovered…

by Bored Guest

We here at BCC!, expose secrets that cricinfo cannot unearth!

We all know that Virender (Viru) Sehwag wears a bandana under his helmet, generally red or sometimes even blue in colour. We might even know that he is almost bald over the middle portion of his head, all the way from the forehead towards the back of his head. 

Did you ever notice that?

Maybe you didn’t because our national hero Viru even sports a toupee (a wig) sometimes! 

So, what exactly is happening here for Viru’s hair loss to be so drastic? 
  1. Is it an old age related challenge?
  2. Is the issue all about a defect in his inherited genes?
  3. Does it have anything to do with his stress levels having gone through the roof?
  4. Are the high levels of heavy metals in Delhi’s drinking water to blame?
  5. Is it because his testosterone levels are dipping?
These are the plausible theories!

There are some less reasonable ones, too: 
  1. Is the weight of the helmet (approx. 500-650g) too great?
  2. Is he doing too many headstands when practicing Yoga?
  3. Is he getting slapped on the head too often by his wife, Aarti [Ahlawat]?
    and lastly
  1. Is it a really bad shampoo that is doing away with Viru’s hair?

And here’s the proof that he wears a toupee (a wig) in the latest “Hero-Honda Dhak-Dhak-Go” advertisement for the Hockey World Cup 2010: 

We care about our champions.

When you care about someone, you care about his health.

When you care about his health, you know that low testosterone is surely not good for Viru’s dynamic style of batting! 

Now do understand why I care about Viru’s hair? 

When I’m not writing about the more obvious things known to all, I am uncovering and documenting secrets that concern the nation – if Viru does well, we all get to enjoy it all the more!


Mahek said...

It's not a toupee, he's having the Harsha Bhogle treatment.

Unknown said...

Not the Rana Naved treatment?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ajoy, Viru let's his hair down in today's Mail Today (pg 5)