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Bored Game: IPL Fantasy League Update

by Mahek

Another Daredevils win, another swap at the top. Ach and Nihal might be mistaken for being swingers. And with a win for his side, Jatman was bound to make a move, he's jumped to 14th.


Unknown said...

I'm gonna try to get into the ipl and have blogged a plea for help in choosing a team to pledge my alliegience to,

help me out

Rohit said...

Yay! I've passed on the wooden spoon to someone else for once....

Jatman said...

I forgot to make myself trump player in Indian Bored League. But I made myself trump player in Indian Premier League.

Still no changes in my team. But I will try and change trump player today if I get time.

your man, jatman