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Bored Game: IPL Fantasy League

by Mahek

Fellow Bored Members and Guests,

It's time to once again prove who has the most cricketing acumen (Or the most free time, depends where you finish). We had 18 teams contesting the Champions Trophy game on cricinfo fantasy. The IPL starts next week and it's time we have another little game between us. So what if cricinfo won't give us any prizes? But it won't take away our bragging rights, will it??? I owe my participation in this blog to the initiation I had through the last game, so in keeping with the spirit of competition I've created a league for the Bored Ones. Unlike the IPL, this league is open to one and all. There will be no DLF Maximums, no Citi Moments of Success. But there will be a lot of trash talk and some intense team-picking. I'm a bit lazy so I'm just going to copy and edit what fellow Bored Member Achettup wrote a few months ago:

Step 1) Create an account at cricinfo's fantasy games page here.

Step 2) Login to your account and find your way to the T20 League 2010 page here.

Step 3) Click on Create Team. On the new page Click on the -> next to the player's price to select them as part of your team.

Step 4) You have to pick 11 players within your budget of $1,000,000. You can pick three types of team combinations:

  • 4 Batsmen, 2 Allrounders, 1 Wicketkeeper(s) and 4 Bowlers
  • 5 Batsmen, 2 Allrounders, 1 Wicketkeeper(s) and 3 Bowlers
  • 4 Batsmen, 3 Allrounders, 1 Wicketkeeper(s) and 3 Bowlers
Choose your players, keeping in mind how points are scored (read more here), select a trump player (who will earn double points) and give your team a name in the Enter Team Name field. Remember that you can select a maximum of SIX players from a particular team and at most FOUR overseas players. Save your team selection.

Step 5) Now all you have to do is join the Bored Cricket Crazy Indians league. To do this, either send us an email at or leave a comment here, telling us which email address you used to create your fantasy league team.**

Step 6) We will then send an email (via cricinfo) to you containing a unique LPIN code. Now login to you fantasy league account on cricinfo and go to your team's page. Under "Leagues" on the left sidebar, click on Join League. Then enter the unique LPIN code that we sent to you via email.**

** Alternatively, immediately after creating your team, you can click on Join League and use this unique LPIN code:98798-302b8c934cf9e337
Please let me know if you were able to do this.

Step 7) We will then approve your team's entry into our Bored Game: Fantasy Cricket Challenge. That's it, you should now be part of the league and be able to see all the other people who are taking part and the teams they've selected. Do let us know if you have any problems creating a team or joining the the league.

We will update the scores of all teams in the league right here on BCC! after every game.

Please try to let us know if you're taking part at the latest before 8:00pm on Friday March 12th. Don't worry about not picking the perfect team and waiting to register only after you've done that. As described below, there is plenty of time to make changes. What is more important is that we register your team name with the Bored Cricket Crazy Indians league as early we can.

A Few Useful Notes:

  1. Before the start of the first game, you can make unlimited changes to your team. The cut off time to make these unlimited changes is 8pm Friday March 12.
  2. After that you can make upto 30 changes to your teams at any time before the semi finals.
  3. After the group stages, you can once again make unlimited changes to your team, so that you pick from only those teams that have made it to the semis.
  4. Once the first semifinal starts, you are allowed to make only 8 changes to the end of the tournament.
  5. You will usually get half an hour between the toss and the start of the match to find out who the final 11 players are. Use this time to substitute a player who might be dropped, because once the game starts, the team is "locked in" and if you haven't picked your substitute in time he will not score points!


Aditya said...

Good to see the fantasy league back!

Hoping to climb upto no 1 after the 2nd place finish last time around!

and it would be better if you could add the guide to fantasy league post or how to strategies post here so that new players can get a hang of it!


Mahek said...

Good idea, Aditya. All that anyone needs to know about the game can be found here.

Rohit said...

I'm in. I put in the LPIN. It said that approval was awaited.

Nishant said...

Team - Nikus X1
Status - Approval awaited

arun said...

dear friend,
my name is arun and i've entered the pin you have posted and joined your famous league please approve my team arun87

crownish said...

Joined! waiting for my fckingipl team to be approved

Mahek said...

Your fckingipl team has been approved.

dhaanu said...

Joined. Please confirm maakiXI

Thiru Cumaran said...

Mahek, just entered the code for the team "Cutting into Leg XI"...

Anonymous said...

ah thang yo!