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Indians...and Pakistanis (a cricket film)

by Gaurav Sethi


Q furiously types at his laptop ignoring the banging at his main door. The Bored Cricket Crazy Indians…and Pakistanis Cover it Live is on his screen

We’ll huff and puff and blow your house down…

Areh yaar, relax

We’ll huff and puff and blow your house down…

Get a life, watch the game yaar

We’ll huff and puff and blow your house down…

The knockers storm Q’s house breaking the door. Q is unmoved as a bunch of his cricket friends surround him –

You coming to the sport’s bar or do we drag you…

But Knocker2 looks at Q’s screen that has Bored Cricket Indians and Pakistanis going on Live

Areh yaar, check this out…

One by one, the whole lotta them get reeled in…laptops lower themselves from the ceiling and suddenly we have a whole bunch of Q’s Pakistani's pals on Live with the Indians.

Phone rings, it’s NC on the phone / split screen, NC on one side, Q on the other

You’ve done it, thanks for staying back

We’ve done it, buddy.

Screen splits into over 20 parts, showing all the Bored Members raising their thumbs in the sickly advt way, only to bite it as a wicket falls.

Bored Anthem Remix starts to play -
‘Cause you’re bored like I’m bored
Got nothing happening but for the cricket
‘Cause we’re bored, so fucking bored
Bored Cricket Crazy Indians...and Pakistanis


Bored Cricket Crazy Indians...and Pakistanis: If you visit Q’s Well Pitched that’s how the blogroll lists Bored. And that’s how it was in those heady days of India-Pak cricket unity. If you read this piece, then you begin to fathom what we were on to.

When we decided to do a Cover it Live for the Indo-Pak warm-up match, Q had a big night with his cricket yaars. He put that behind to be on Live for Bored. Q was my go-to guy – before that lousy MBA snatched him from us. He was the guy who started the Shakibbing. He was the guy who had more faith in Sachin than all of us put together. Happy Bored Day Q.


Q said...

Thank you NC and Bored! Love ya guys!

pRAFs said...

Hey Q,
happy bored day!!

Som said...

Happy Bored Day Q:) And where's the party?

straight point said...

a very happy bored day Q... yaar MBA, shamBA to hoti rahegi... par yaaron ka saath kahan milega...

waiting for a cracker of a comeback post from you... :)