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Dilli-Mumbai hai-hai

by Samir Chopra

The Dilli-Mumbai trash-talking session yesterday was pretty good fun, I have to say. I hope it never gets to Yankees-RedSox levels because that's just downright idiotic. But there are enough differences between the two cricketing cultures that some trash-talk is necessary and desirable. Unity in Diversity as our Founding Pitajis used to say. Without that diversity, we'd be some boringly homogeneous unit like, say, New Zealand. (No offence intended to Kiwis; I love you all very much; its just that I can't get excited about North Island-South Island rivalries).

So, in the interests of full disclosure, why don't Dilliwallahs and Mumbaiwallahs tell us all what is so distinctive and wonderful about their respective cricketing cultures? Lets get right down to the level of the respective language. Not just the gaalis but the distinctive cricketing terms. Here is one linguistic offering from me.

In Delhi University, back in the 1980s, a common term for a bowler for reducing a batsman to a quivering mess was Uski to lassi nikaldi. I loved this one; it conjured up visions of a brutal fast bowler shoving a batsman into those large brass pots I used to see in the Lajpat Nagar market and then energetically whirling the wooden handle that stuck out, till the froth formed over the drink. Poor batsman, turned into a swirling, watery yogurtish mess.

Tons more; and in a city like Mumbai, where four languages are the minimum for any self-respecting Mumbaikar, there should be tons to share. Speak up.


Mahek said...

The first new word I learnt when I moved to Delhi was "bhatta" bowler. I don't know if they use the same term for chuckers in Mumbai but I haven't heard anyone using it in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Chennai, Pune or Bangalore.

Homer said...

firki bowler - spinner

Mahek said...


Aashrey said...

I think it's watta and not bhatta. but yeah bhatta seems to be accepted all around Delhi

Aashrey said...

"Killi uda di" for getting someone bowled or is that common all around.

Rohit said...

matka - something that involved an element of luck like a shot or catch... Mumbai by the way

pRAFs said...

ulti g@##nd.. i know its rather offensive, but that's what we call a leftie these days

straight point said...

ghadda hai saala... for a fielder who would let pass ball thru him...

and my favorite... 'oye chikne' if a fielder drops the ball... :)

raj said...

I(and possibly rajaB) could contribute a few chennai slangs but I'd need confirmation that marauding, inward-looking, frenzied, chauvinistic Delhi and Mumbai fans would even be half-interested :-)
(TN vs Karnataka doesn't even have 1/10th the bitterness or aura of a Delhi-Mumbai clash. This, despite, the problems that the 2 states have outside the cricket field. You guys, na! :-) )

Samir Chopra said...

Raj: Someone will start a thread on that theme! I did Dilli-Mumbai because thats what I know best. Go on, bring on the water disputes - I mean, the ones at the drinks breaks, of course!

Mahek said...

Yeah, it'd be good to have the Tamils and Kannadigas have a go at each other during the Madras-Bangalore games. Should I have said Chennai-Bengaluru?

raj said...

Sure but who's going to represent bangalore here?
It is not as if onion 'uthappa'm and jacquera** sambar is that popular ;-)
There, I fired the first harbhajan*

*synonym for dart
** chakkara sugar in kannada and a dig at the sweetness of bangalore sambar

Homer said...

raapa - dropped

kombdi pakad/murgi pakad - usually in reference to the guy/gal who dropped the catch

rapchik/dhinchak - more Pune than Mumbai but generally in reference to a good shot


BangaloreROCKS said...

I am Bangalore's repsentative.
Jacquera or whatever that is isnt sugar in kannada.

Karnataka cricket means more to me than Indian cricket itself, probably.

raj said...

Bangalore, cmon you can do better than that :-)
Rules of the game - below the belt digs at opposition

Anonymous said...

teri maa ki

any (non south) Indian team...amma.

BangaloreROCKS said...

Raj, I thought this thread was to discuss the slang used in cricket in various parts of India, not taking digs at opposition.

BangaloreROCKS said...

pinda - a ball that shoots through at ankle height after pitching. Commonly used in tennis ball cricket, but has found its way into club/Ranji cricket as well in Karnataka. But this is not being used increasingly nowadays.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on bored Samir.

In response to a beamer, the batsman snapped, "Salah, bukhar jaise char gaya"

And what about the universal "PALE DEH &*$" or is that just Dilli

raj said...

Bangalore Rocks, hey, chill it dude. We at bored were looking to open a new franchise of the inter-state smart-ass rivalry stakes, pioneered by the Mumbai mulgas and Delhi .

All in good spirit ofcourse. Right, Homer and NC?

Homer said...

khadoos/khadus- any random Mumbaikar.

kanda said...

this is from chennai

Lottai - Left handed batsman
Idea ball - Shit balls like wide, beamers, full toss

kanda said...

From chennai

Lottai - Leftie
Idea Ball - shit balls like wide, beamer, full toss

raj said...

The best term ever to emanate out of Chennai gullies is the masterful
Term: Gaaji
Pronunciation: "Gaa" as in "Gone", "ji" as in "ginger"
Function: verb/noun/adjective
Used to describe a batsman who has a tendency to hog the strike irrespective of team situations and his capabilities.
"Ravi Shastri is a gaaji batsman pA. He deprived us of a World Cup win against England by scoring 60 off 120 deliveries and letting the others face the pressure"

1.The act of being at the striker's end and facing up to deliveries
2.The act of hogging the strike.
"Today Ravi Shastri indulged in sema gaaji pA. Literally, over after over, he took a last ball single and played out the other 5 balls"