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Hit me, I’m Ishant!

by Gaurav Sethi

Hit me, hit me, till I lose control….no, hit me while I lose control. It baffles me why Ishant played for KKR today, wasn’t he just dropped for the last game? But that’s how it is for Ishant with the nationals, he’s dropped one game, then we’re reminded of his promise, and he’s back. Then he breaks the promise, and he’s off. Then he’s back.

The promise never goes away, the form is almost within grasp. Stuff like this makes you think horrible bad things about cricket, like some sponsors sponsor Ishant into every second game – he even looks like one of those 300 ml bottles. Now I would’ve drawn that out but I’m on to one of those 330 ml bottles.

Haha! But wasn’t it cute how he was all padded up and walking out with bat and good intentions on the fall of the 9th wicket today. Too bad that was the last ball of the 20th over.

Then again, this was the Kotla. He must’ve wanted to join the huddle in middle. But yaar, Dilli door thi, Ishant ke liye.

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