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An IPL equation

by Som

Manoj Tiwary = Former Daredevils bench-warmer and now a KKR match-winner.

Owais Shah = Shitty-Daredevils-bat-turned-gritty-KKR-bat.

Ishant Sharma = Still looks for Sehwag and finds only Ganguly when celebrating dismissals.

Vijay Dahiya= Dav Whatmore’s sidekick.
KKR = Delhi/Daredevils B team.


Unknown said...

There's also some weird MI-RCB relationship - not as direct as your KKR-DD one, but it annoys me :P

Manish Pandey couldn't get a game for MI, BRC get him and he scores the first century by an Indian.
Uthappa didn't score too many for MI and then he scored a match-winning half-century in his first game against them.
Zaheer wasn't too great for BRC but he's MI's spearhead.

Som said...

Rishabh, we never know where lies our greener pasture :)

crownish said...

MI doesn't know what they have.
The list of players they've let go is immense: Andre Nel, Prince, Bosman, Chetanya Nanda and some of them have gone on to do well in their new teams like Dwayne Smith, Ashish Nehra, Manish Pandey, Robin Uthappa

Som said...

Crowning, MI are a visionless, logic-defying, top-heavy side that is destined to failure.

Ankit Poddar said...


Mumbai Indians have not realized the crazy fan-giri that we do for them as well!

should we shift our alliance to BRC instead as well?!