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Jatmen rule the boxing ring even as Jatman flops at Kotla

by K

Five Jatmen - Vijender Singh, Dinesh Kumar, Jai Bhagwan, Amandeep Singh and Paramjeet Samota asserted their supremacy at the Commonwealth Boxing Championships by winning golds for India in their respective categories. Even Manipur's Suranjoy Singh joined the party as he knocked out his opponent in about a minute and a half. He was the sixth gold medallist for India. India topped the table with 6 golds and yours truly was priviliged to witness all this live at the Talkatora stadium yesterday.

However, was ironical that original Jatman - Sehwag failed to make an impact at the Kotla later in the day.

1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

Haha! Only a Jat could think of that