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NC moment of what match was that.

by Gaurav Sethi

It’s only two days and it feels like second life already. This IPL can be rough, eat on sleep, eat at you, eat you up. There was Yususf Pathan, his innings was a moment – he stapled it together, not with the shots, but with the calm after the storm. If you watched him go nuts last month blanking everybody, you knew what was coming.

He’s stopped chewing gum. At least you can’t tell he’s chewing it anymore. There is no nervous energy, getting him out first ball – of course that happens when he plays for India, not for Warne or in the locals.

There is a reason MS has been backing him more than RP. When Yusuf surfaced one summer in a T20 World Cup Final, opening, replacement for Sehwag, you was thinking – who’s that guy, 6 and out. But he did open. And he will be on that flight to the Windies next month.

It’s amazing what some work on the wiring can do.

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