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NC moment of what match was that

by Gaurav Sethi

This feels like a job, rambling one moment after the other (esp. when they’re misnomer moments) – but that’s what wine fuel can do. The Daredevils v Punjab game, was there really a moment – it sucked the life out of moments, games such as this give the IPL a bad name. I couldn’t care less if DD lost this, but I was happy when they won it. And I can’t explain that to me, so I won’t try with you.

Ok, there was a moment, manufacturing it anyway – it was when…eh, well, you know…this is tough. Ok, when my favourite Daredevil Manhas, got his and DD’s nose in front – I’ve tweeted that one before, but it was worth a retweet. Love it when the invisible cricketer shines some; would have been happy had Kaif scored a 50 of 9 balls too.

Think the IPL has got beyond teams for me, more into playing favoutites with players now – like was I happy to see Mahroof get a game finally. I mean, how much of a honeymoon do they want him to have?

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