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Toxic Prince 2

by Bored Guest

Act 1 -
All hail the prince. Icon-cricketer. Son of the soil. Captain of the franchise.

Act 2 -
Prince past prime. Prince underperforms. Team underperforms. Team sulks & sucks. Aussie coach unhappy. Owners unhappy. Aussie coach convinces owners to dump captain. Prince loses captaincy. Team wicketkeeper made captain.

Act 3 -
Prince past prime. Prince continues to underperform. Team continues to underperform. Team still sulks and sucks. Aussie coach still unhappy. Owners still unhappy. New captain's batting also sucks. Prince also sulks.

And we are not talking about Ganguly, Buchanan, SRK or McCullum! It is a uncanny almost surreal parallel. Delicious. Can wait for Act4 - episode 1025.

I watch IPL because it beats any other soap. Of course it is not for the cricket, silly!

By Anonymous

1 comment:

crownish said...

Atleast Ganguly's improved his fielding. The most that the Prince does is sneak out to party after all those WADA deflections