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Bored Game: IPL Fantasy Game results

by Aditya

The IPL has come to an end, or has it? For the past few weeks the off-field action has been more interesting than the on-field action in the IPL. Would be immense fun if we had a fantasy team with the off-field action where in we could have cricket administrators and politicians in our team and predict who will resign next? Who will be the next chairman? Who will be caught in a scam next? but sadly we have to make do with one which involves the on-field action.

Coming to the Bored Game, players had a chance to make amends as they had unlimited transfers after the league stage and before the start of the knockout stage. It gave an opportunity to those who had not performed to their potential to redeem themselves.

Pollard was the Game Changer in Semi final 1 and Bollinger in Semi Final 2, both of whom picked up a bucket load of fantasy cricket points and those who had them as trumps made huge strides forward in the league. Each of the top 3 had at least one of the above as trumps and consolidated their position at the top. For players who had put their faith in the Deccan Chargers (Like me, who had 5 of them when they played their semi final) after their dream run of 5 consecutive wins went down significantly as they failed to turn up for their remaining two matches. All in all four one-sided matches with the 3rd place playoff the most one sided match of the tournament made sure the IPL ended on a low key note.

There was no change in the Top 3 of the league with sidbetala retaining his top spot. ABVan gave him a run for his money and finished 2nd and abcdes completing the top 3. Given the IPL has 60 matches and each player in the fantasy game has at least 40 substitutions at their disposal it is extremely rare for two teams to be tied on the number of points scored and that too in a league of 41 players is as rare as England winning an ICC event! But it has happened, Yours truly and Nihal were tied at 13101 points for fourth spot, so who knows England might surprise us after all! Mahek, the League Manager moved 4 places up to 6th position. Achettup finished in 13th position and Jatman, who picked only Indians players throughout the tournament was at 17th position out of the 41 players who took part in the Bored League (You can see the final table standings here)

There will be Bored Fantasy Game for the World T20, will do a follow up post introducing it soon.

For those of you who are wondering who I am a very very brief Bio:

I am just Another Cricket Fan from India and I blog at Forward Short Leg

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