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Bored Game: IPL Fantasy League Update

by Mahek

A couple of one-sided games tonight but I'll take them. Good to see Kolkata lose and Delhi continue their dream run. One thing is clear though: Cheeka would make a terrible fantasy cricket player. Probably worse than me. I bet we could find five guys in our league who would do a better job than our selectors. Speaking of the league, Adtiya from forwardshortleg has clawed his way to the top. ABVan loses a place but he's close enough, as is Sid. It looks like a fight between these three unless someone makes an inspired pick.

There is only one game tomorrow with Deccan taking on Rajasthan in Nagpur. Watson had a terrific start with the bat last game and expect him to kick on. Deccan are likely to make a couple of changes to arrest their three-game losing streak.

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