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Bored Game: IPL Fantasy League Update

by Mahek

Right. I'm back after a short break. Didn't have no mobile company sponsoring it though. There are just 10 games left in the league stage and only one team has made the semis. Even that team isn't assured of top place. So what does this mean for our fantasy game? Not much, except that teams won't be resting their key players unless they lose a couple of games and are ruled out of the semis.

Sid has taken the lead and ABVan is right behind. It appears to be a fight between the top four but all it takes is one big performance by an unknown player for the others to catch up.

There are two games tomorrow with Mumbai playing Delhi at the Barbourne and Kolkata walking into the furnace that is the Chepauk. Make sure you change your trump player between games.

1 comment:

radioactivekt81 said...

Hey guys, I am about to start a fantasy league for the twenty20 WC that will involve match play (you versus another team) instead of just scoring points like in cricinfo. I need 4-5 more participants (already have around 30), Please let me know if you are interested.