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JATMAN: Origins of my shoulder injury

by Bored Guest

Many years ago I was very fond of acting – my favourite film was Sholay. My favourite character was Thakur – my favourite scene was when Gabbar cuts off Thakur’s arms – I’m a sucker for punishment, I loved to do retakes of this scene till it was perfect, till my arms ached and my shoulders were nicely screwed.

Even today I cannot forget those painful days – every T20 World Cup something happens to my shoulders. They are served notice by my Thakur days.

People only remember the 2009 and 2010 T20 World Cup – but if you think back, I even missed quite a few games in the first T20 World including the Finals that India won.

The way I look at it, even if I don’t play some youngster like Vijay with more passion will get a chance.

And yes, another character I like a lot for obvious reasons is Veeru – but most of the time I am playing myself so I will always be partial to Thakur’s role.

My shoulder is hurting and I must stop writing now, time for physiotherapy.

Your man, Jatman


King Viswa said...

Ye Haath Mujhe Dedho, Thaakur.

King Viswa said...

It is as if you are watching Sholay Again - Every time we play IPL and Veeru misses out the T20 World cup.

Sheer Irony or something else?