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Mumbai v Bangalore, Uncensored and not on TV.

by bored cricket crazy indians

The Bored Members will be live from 7.15 pm IST, for the IPL semis (click here to replay) - if MI wins it will be Thank You Sachin all over again, but if they lose, it could be the new chant of Sorry Sachin! Hulchul Singh, RDX, Mumbo Jumbo, orange cap hunter, TMK, wannabe MSD, Polaroid, and all sorts of instant developments will take place.

And here are some tips from Mahek for the Bored Game

The semi-finals are a few hours away so make sure you make full use of the Unlimited Transfers before the start of tonight's game. Here are a few pointers. Feel free to ignore them, use them at your team's peril.

1. Only four teams are left so make sure you don't make the mistake of picking someone outside these squads.

2. Remember that either Chennai or Deccan will play two games between the first and second game for either Bangalore or Mumbai. Therefore, replace the players from the side that wins tonight with those from tomorrow's semi-finalists.

3. The best players for Deccan have been classified as allrounders. Make sure you leave a spot or two open in that category. Don't want to end up picking Monish Mishra. Or do you?

4. Mumbai have the best players in the list of batsmen. What's more, two of them (Rayudu and Tiwary) are quite cheap. They also have some of the best bowlers in Harbhajan, Zaheer and Malinga.

That's it from me. Hope the tips help you slide down the table. I'm still ninth and could use your help in making the top 5.

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King Viswa said...

Poloroid Again?