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Open Letter to Gautam Gambhir

by Mahek

Dear Gautam,

Let me take this opportunity to wish you and the rest of the Daredevils the best of luck for the remainder of the IPL season. I am not wishing you luck because I'm a Daredevils supporter. I am doing so because you and your mobile sharing buddy have taken it upon yourselves to put the team in a mess game after game. What's more, both of you have chosen the same mode of self-destruction.

I have never gone beyond club cricket so you may not care about my opinion. But it didn't stop the black-haired blondes of Bollywood to unfairly criticise you so I reckon I can say a word or two.

I understand Twenty20 is a fast-paced format. I also know it's a format where the presence of bowlers is considered to be an inconvenience. You and your peers have turned into spoilt brats who piss themselves if the ball does anything off the pitch. Your teammates who endure injuries to their ankles, knees, back, shoulders, elbows while you and your fellow batsmen make the most of flat tracks, shortening boundaries, bigger bats, knight-like protection and biased rules.

It must be hard as a batsman to bat on a pitch which makes you look like a bunch of buffoons. I hope some of your bowling teammates knock some sense into your thick head after yesterday's shitshow. Sure the bounce was low. Sure the ball didn't come on to the bat the way your lot wants it it. But it's not like you were in any physical danger. Half your players have played in these conditions for years. You even had the advantage of winning the toss. So stop bitching about the pitch and get on with it. The pitch didn't run you out, did it? Neither did it fool your buddy into playing an atrocious shot first ball. You had strong words for those Royals after you pummeled them in similar conditions, maybe you need to use those words on you and your batsmen after they frittered away the advantage against the worst team in the league.

If you would rather play away games make sure you play for some other team from next season because I would hate of see my side being led by a pussy who cringes at the prospect of a challenge from the bowlers.



Thiru Cumaran said...


On another note, I don't think Gambhir should be incriminated for his 'ordinary' comments now that his team was found to be ordinary yesterday. Gambhir was being very honest that time, and it wouldn't help if you tried to hang him just because he made those comments.

More posts like this would just make him another Monty Panesar, which is precisely what no-one wants. For the unenlightened, Panesar became popular for the monotonous use of "put the ball in the right areas" (no pun intended) during every single media conference.

Mahek said...


I have absolutely no problem with his assessment of the Royals. It's his reluctance to take the blame for his and the team's bad performance. He said he was unlucky to be run out three times in a row when the truth is he and Sehwag make a lot of bad calls while running.

Everyone talks about how Twenty20 cricket is a nightmare for bowlers. Here we had a pitch where the bowlers were getting help without the batsmen being in any danger of getting hurt. As a captain he should have talked about how he and his team failed instead of complaining about the pitch. If we castigate foreign teams and media for complaining about slow turners surely we shouldn't shy away from criticising our own players when they do the same.

Unknown said...


You make a good point in your reply to Thiru's comment when you say that even our players should be castigated when they complain about slow and low pitches.

Gambhir's comments came as a surprise because I expected him to be a better thinker of the game rather than "T20 cricket is about 4s and 6s!"

It's good that he is honest and blatant, but that was thoughtless.