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A Right-eyed View Of The Bored Scandal

by Megha

I was a sleeping member of the Bored Committee until now. As you probably know, I haven't said much in the last few weeks. But I have woken up. And I will show no Sharmila-pan in admitting that the entire scandal has not been handled very well so far. We should have endeavoured to keep all the dirty linen in the house and taken care of it Chupke Chupke.

OK. Let me be the first to admit that I should have stayed awake for longer periods of time to keep tabs on the brewing problems. But you know, it is difficult in my age. I suffer from the HD-Deve-Gowda syndrome and am known to doze off in meetings, out of meetings, during calls etc. I even fall asleep in the middle of counting all the cash I receive from the BPL.

Anyway, what is done is done. Now that I am awake, I demand that everything be scrutinized, probed, washed, bleached, conditioned etc. Let us give the BPL a Whirlpool-clean up. I sincerely hope that Hon. Bored Member Shri Homer will attend the meeting and put forth his point of view. If not, I call dibs on his share of Rasmalai. (the dessert type...not the Goodness Gracious Me type...can’t handle those types any more!!)

MAK Ko Patki-di

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