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For Aam Aadmi

by Mahek

Bhaiyon aur unki behnon,

It took me a while to understand what Mango Man means. You see, as Minister of Agriculture I have been so engrossed about my portfolio that I have stopped seeing the funny side of things. But this letter is not for such trivialities.

It has been brought to my attention that I have a role to play in the recent Bored scandals. I have absolutely nothing to do with the Bored in any way. My son-in-law is a stakeholder but I never liked him for deflowering my precious daughter.

I used to be an esteemed Bored Member but I have bigger fish to fry in six months. For those who want a piece of it, get your own frying pan and fish. I cannot hand out free food with the price rise in food products, everyone will know I have been hoarding them in my basement.

This is just an attempt to gain political mileage out of the sport that belongs to the Peoples. There are foreign elements at work. Elements that want to pressure me and my more suave sidekick into giving unconditional support to the establishment. Let me assure you this Maratha will not walk quietly into the sunset - But do not tell anyone of the Lamborghini I shall be driving into it.

Darad Power


KhufiaBaaz said...

As Mango is involved, are there kickbacks from the Spanish Fashion brand by the same name - needs to be investigated. Did other brands bear fruits too, like Banana Republic - need to be investigated - who dressed the cheerleaders? Computer equip - Apple?

Gaurav Sethi said...

killer post, return to sender