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What we forgot during the 37th IPL match

by Gaurav Sethi

1. It was April 6th
2. There was more to it than CSK v MI
3. There is life beyond the IPL
4. It can be a Bored Member’s Bored Day
5. It was a Bored Member’s Bored Day
6. He is a teetotaller, he can forget
7. But I am not, how did I forget?

Som, we forgot, but then so did you. It is the duty of every bored member to update, remind, write their own Happy Bored Day message if it does not appear by a goodly time. Happy Bored Day Som, 7 up to you.


pRAFs said...

belated happy bored day som...

straight point said...

happy belated b'day som...

the 007 bond of blogosphere... :)

Megha said...

Happy bored day Som!