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Uncensored, and not on TV: Mumbai Indians v Delhi Daredevils

by bored cricket crazy indians

The Bored Members will be live from 3.15 pm IST, if that's a little early for a 4 pm game, it's just that we're doing this after a long time. MI vs DD, who will do who? Join us and Jatman, it'll be nowhere as civil as India Pakistan. There will be BossDK, Hulchul Singh, Thank You Sachin, TMK, Mishra v Bhajji, dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Yeah, if only they played some ACDC too.


namya said...


Great idea this cover it live thingy

Homer said...

watching the replay now and in the pre match interview, GG says " and we got another leggie in place of Bhatia".. which explains why Ladda wasnt given the ball!

Gaurav Sethi said...

namya, yeah it went of well - in spite of the game. Imagine what will happen when Jatman goes nuts, oh right, he is nuts.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Homer, with Nehra's inclusion, his talk prevailed on GG - no other reason for gng pace so long.

They have devalued Ladda, as too Yadav, DD is a team in awe of the firangs, most of whom don't deserve to play.

raj said...

Gautam Gambhir's inexperience as captain is screwing Delhi. But the guy learns from his mistakes as he did with his batting so we can hope that this experience will prepare him for India captaincy in the future.

Karthik played one good knock and went about claiming he wants to be finisher for India. Since then, he had 3 opportunities to do it for Delhi and hasnt managed to even get a start. Well, maybe he meant he wanted to finish DDD off :). Luckily for him Delhi doesnt have another keeper in the squad. Maybe they can drop Karthik and take Dilshan in as keeper.
Choosing McDonald against Pollard was obviously choosing a lamb to go fight a lion. The problem with DDD has been that they are judging everyone except Viru and Gauti and Dinesh Karthik on last match's form. So, nobody really has any confidence left, including foreign superstars. One bad over, and Gauti lost faith in ladda, although Pollard was struggling againt Ladda.

DDD dont deserve to be in the semis this time. Although I would have said the same of Deccan last year. And see where they ended up.