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"Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hai" Late Breaking News - "Patki-di my inspiration"

by KhufiaBaaz

"Patki-di my inspiration", says Bhadka

Bhadka the Hutt, cousin of Jabba thrice removed and host of the very popular TV show "The Duck Squats Here" has credited MAK Ko Patki-di as the inspiration behind the title of her show.

"It so happened" said a breathless Bhadka, "that we were in phoren, going on a long drive to nowhere when, all of a sudden, a deer of some sort, possibly a black buck, was spotted at a distance. On seeing this, Patki-di jee commented "The buck stops here". 

"Bas phir kya, I was so taken by the statement that I wanted to name my show "The Buck Stops Here". But Sharmila aunty said that the name would not pass through the Censor Board. So, showing verbal dexterity that has come to define my show, I decided to name it "The Duck Squats here" ", said a beaming Bhadka.

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