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KhufiaBaaz: whose side are you on?

by KhufiaBaaz

While Bored Member Homer has no other business interests on the world wide web except for the Bored; Bored Member Achettup's business interests on the world wide web can be measured at just Short of a Length. Previously, Shree Homer ran a business but it was worth just 2 cents. However as it was in conflict with his interests in the Bored, he discontinued his 2 paise ka tamasha.

Previously on the world wide web, Bored Member Achettup had entered into conflicts with Bored Guest Shree Sam alias Chandler alias this and alias that. Even though company name changes were carried out by Shree Achettup, and not by Shree Sam, the conflict was of Shree Achettup’s creation.

Shree Achettup’s notoriety has earned him a block from upcoming cricketer and tweeter Aakash Chopra; uncalled for sarcasm at the expense of growing boy Yuvi are not uncommon either - now you know why trouble is his middle name.

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