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Crashrafool surprises

by Bored Guest

Oh those elegant shots that nearly took the Deshis to victory against Pakistan. So heroic, so sexy! It seemed that Crashrafool had finally stopped celebrating his birthday. He even reached a fifty! Bangladesh didn’t win of course but at least Crash had tried this time. Some breathed sighs of relief, some merely raised their eyebrows. Others checked to see if Earth had perished.

In the next game, those that breathed sighs of relief sighed in despair. The eyebrow raisers raised their eyebrows even higher and the others checked to see if Earth had glued itself back together. Crash had customarily started his birthday celebration again.

It is perfectly clear why Crashrafool went out for a duck against the Aussies. These were the same men he had whipped to make a name of himself, expect with a plucked chicken for a captain. There were expectations after the match against Pakistan. People were banking on Crashrafool to work his magic! Unfortunately, Crashrafool pulled his over-done trick out of the hat...a duck that accompanies him back to the pavilion.

It is not clear however why Crash had made the 65 against Pakistan. What was going through his empty skull he uses for a mind? Why did he decide to make runs all of a sudden? Why did he look like the Crashrafool that we all pined to see? Why did he decide not to keep this identity in the next game?

All complicated questions with one simple answer. The performance against Australia was a surprise birthday party. We didn’t know it was coming, but it was definitely pleasant and of course short. Also, it will return after a very long time. What is the purpose of a surprise birthday party if it comes every day? No point. Zero. Niente.

Just like Crashrafool’s score for eons to come.

by Purna
who blogs at Cricket Minded

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