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Dangling conversations at PCB HQ Re: Shahid Afridi

by bored cricket crazy indians

The PCB headboys are gathered to discuss Shahid Afridi’s future

Man1: We are gathered here today to discuss Shahid Afridi’s future

Man2: But Shahid Afridi has no future

Man1: So sorry Khan sab! We are gathered here today to discuss Shahid Afridi’s present

Man3: I agree, Shahid Afridi is very gifted player, I have heard Rameez Bhai say so himself…

Man2: Can we stop letching at the hidden cameras and get on with this meeting

Man1: So sorry Khan saab! We are gathered here today to discuss Shahid Afridi's present as a test player

Man4: How can he play test cricket – he has retired, and he is a t20 specialist

Man2: He will bowl 4 overs and bat 2 balls

Man1: You are brilliant Khan sahb – it is decided, Shahid Afridi will play test cricket

Man2: He will be the first T20 test cricketer

Man3: I agree, this way even if he retires from test cricket again, we will still have the T20 player

Cameraman: Ok, when do I leak this?

Man3: Not here man, men's room please


Sujan Rao said...

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Congrats! and best wishes.

Bored Member said...

Thank you Sujan