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The Nohit Sharma Song and Dance about nothing

by Gaurav Sethi

Nohit – I no hit the ball

Billy – I know you hit the ball

Nohit – No hit! No hit!

Billy – Stop behaving like you’re the crowd, calling your name

Nohit – I no hit the ball

Billy – Does that matter, I’m blind, and you’re Indian

Nohit – I know you hate our balls

Billy – AAAH! You admit you hit the ball

Nohit – no, no, no – I no hit the ball

Billy – We’re both undecided let me ask Simon – Simon says you’re out!

Nohit – ohhh the dreaded crooked finger

Billy – You like it?

Nohit – I no hit the ball – refer it

Billy – Wasn’t that supposed to be earlier in the piece

Nohit – Teri Maa Ki!

Billy – Telemachus is not playing

Also see why he's called Nohit Sharma


Som said...

Hehehe, Telemachus bit was too good. I think Rohit showed he will make a good TV Umpire post-retirement.

Unknown said...

I think that was extremely stupid on Rohit's part.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Som, never seem him so desperate to stay and play. Usually be that dull nod of the head n walk off. Can see him wearing a white jacket in his test debut.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Shridhar, it was, but priceless nonetheless.