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Unfortunately it was not ICC World T20 for Blinds

by Som

Inside the circle, Yuvraj circled under a ball that had cleared the ropes long ago.

Bowden could not see the ball actually hit Rohit’s forearm.

Bhogle said Yuvraj had taken the catch when it was actually Rohit.

Manjrekar said Dhoni was the batsman when it was Yusuf Pathan.

Vijay blinked, Gambhir winked, Raina lost sight and Dhoni lacked vision.

These after Gayle came up with that blinder, looking like he can bat even blindfolded.

Unfortunately, for India, it was not ICC World Twenty20 for Blinds.


Gaurav Sethi said...

It was one of the funnier games, everybody was nervous.

Som said...

NC, I liked the Caribbean celebration, especially when Bravo took the catch in the deep and Pollard (?) was all animation. India looked cartoon, of course.