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What on earth is the MPL now?

by pRAFs

I have been watching the MPL (Maharashtra Premier League, t20, of course) recently. It's a joint production of the MCA (Maharashtra Cricket Association) and of course some assorted sponsors to promote 'young talent'.

It can be called an exact replica of the IPL model with teams that are owned by franchises, smug owners wearing shades, theme songs, the works!

While any move to promote any talent is welcome. What bothers me is the effect the biff, bang, boom version is having on the kids that are involved.

I don't really mind T20, What i do mind is 20 year-olds trying Dilscoops, Reverse paddles, over the keeper ramps and what not at the drop of a hat

Granted, there's no hanging around in T20, but how about some proper cricketing shots to begin with?

The average first innings score has been 115, may be less. The teams that are chasing, seem to have no clue about how to go about it, resulting in failed chases of sub-110 targets. I just hope these lads get told off by the coaches for playing so irresponsibly.

After all the likes of Jeff Lawson, Lalchand Rajput et al are looking over these kids. These are the years that they, at least begin, to discover what sort of an approach is more suited to them. Who knows an inning or two of substance could catapult them into the selector's good books.

One more thing of concern is the lack of genuine pace. While 8 teams out of the whole of Maharashtra is barely a good enough sample, there's gotta be ONE nippy sorta guy in the tournament, no?

Or am I expecting too much from a bunch of 20 year olds?

Plus, there's so many spinners with jerky actions, i wonder why the umps aren't calling even one of them.

If it's being played for promoting talent and all that jazz, then its gotta be played right, no?

What has been heartening to see is that the catching and ground fielding has been genuinely good, barring a few customary young blood goof ups. At least one aspect of cricket for these lads is coming along well.

If this is the future of Maharashtra Cricket, a lot of work needs to be done on the temperament of these kids. The technique, i believe is an ongoing process which keeps on evolving with age.

Hoping to see at least a couple of these kids realising their potential by the end of the tournament. Also, more of such ventures in the longer versions of the game would be most welcome.

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Gaurav Sethi said...

Good stuff Prafs, almost feel like watching the MPL, what channel, timings?

pRAFs said...

I'd be accused of plugging,but still,
its on neo cricket at 4 pm onwards

Sujan Rao said...

Karnataka Premier League was a total shitt Tournament, and now MPL?