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Andy Flower on England's success

by Gaurav Sethi

I sat the players round the TV, and played recordings of my innings against India. It did take a long time, as they were all long innings, we skipped meals, cheated on sleep, our loved ones, as we sat huddled watching me play.

After some 36 hours, KP stood up, and threatened to walk out; and then he said, “At the end of the day, what do you want to do – play for England? In that case you’re showing this to the wrong people”

I was glad KP spoke up, of all the players, our games are most similar. I asked KP, “Kevin, what’s common between us?”

Even though KP likes to think he’s unique, he had to grudgingly admit, “The reverse sweep, Andy”

I somehow impressed upon the players that the only way forward was to do the reverse of everything – in addition to inculcate the Shaolin monks' habit of sweeping one's chambers in the morning.

From that day, I encouraged players to speak up and admit what the reverse of their present personalities would be. Even though this is confidential, I must share it with you:

Chris Broad: Winner (as opposed to loser)

KP: Team man (as opposed to loner)

Collingwood: Upbeat (as opposed to brooder)

Eoin Morgan: English (as opposed to Irish)

It was all in good spirit, and finally Swanny joked that the reverse of Andy Flower would be Cat (as opposed to mouse).

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