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Bulls on Parade.

by Bored Guest

I was thinking about the circus that accompanies the Indian team's premature exit from a tournament. But then I realized that the mess even applies to the administrative mud slinging matches which happen from time to time. Including the embarrassingly hilarious one playing out right now.

It begins with either of the following: A political rift, a selectorial gaffe or a genuinely shit performance.

Camps form, statements are made and sides are taken. There is attacking and barracking. The F**k You's and the Thank You's. Accusations, lawsuits, and 15000 page replies to them.

Some drop bombs, others rally around the family, with a pocketful of shells.

Meanwhile, the all important, cable subscribing fan is the one left without a face, in the darkness of greed. Victims of an in house drive by, they say jump, we say how high.

The voice of the voiceless, guerrilla radio of blogs crackle on but no one listens.

All that's left for them to do is to continue. To continue to rage against the machine.

by Crownish
blogs at FCKING BLOG (Fantasy Cricket Kings Blog)


Gaurav Sethi said...

Grt stuff Crownish, think it says what's on all our minds.

Unknown said...

Very Impressive!

crownish said...

thank you NC and Shridhar :)the mood bosses the mind bosses the heart