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What should Irfan and Ishant do now?!

by Ankit Poddar

Indian cricket, one will do well to remember, faces some really weird selection policies. One day one guy  gets chosen because of unmentionable reasons, is retained in the team for even more unmentionable reasons while the best ones rot on the sidelines. A case in point is our very own Che.

Irfan Pathan and Ishant Sharma are such cases again. According to a lot of opinions, these guys do not have anything much to offer these days. So nothing like, they do not make it into any of the Indian teams. Not even the Women's team, who nobody really watches or cares about. But these cricket players are boys and boys, well, will remain boys. They can not still and have to be up to something or the other, all the time.

As a bored member, I decided to find out what could these two men really do, now that they have no cricket to play.

Irfan Pathan:

Touted as the next Wasim Akram (for his swing), and the next Kapil Dev (for his all round capabilities) until only some time ago, this boy had some awesome credentials to his name. But something has gone really wrong, with his swing as also with the selection policies. Now, this boy is largely being touted as the next Vinod Kambli (for never truly realizing his potential). 

However, the boy is a fighter. The boy can take up random jobs these days. It would really be perfect, because thanks to Greg Chappell's vision, the boy would any which ways not know what his job in any team really is. Cricinfo's latest suggestion is that he impersonate Munaf Patel. Never mind the fact that, Munaf himself is rotting in oblivion. And I am really in support of that. At least, that would be some job, and as nobody cares about Munaf either, nobody will care to point out Irfan's mistakes.

Ishant Sharma:

The boy who made Ricky Ponting hop in that famous (or infamous) Perth Test has lost some of his pace and length and also the confidence of the selection committee at the same time. What the boy should do now is to open his own Exercise Classes. He could make his students 'Hop, Skip and Jump', just like he made Ponting do all that. Never mind the fact that he will not be able to do so at his own bowling but on some Mika music. Also, he could take up some Dance classes. After the IPL Awards fiasco, some dancing tips are in the offing.

On being sidelined by the selection committee so brutally, it is important for these players to keep themselves really busy. Idleness can play havoc with the mind. (Ask me!) Keep yourselves busy guys, take up these jobs!

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