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Different Strokes with Jonathan Trott

by Gaurav Sethi

There are cricketers you like, but if you don’t watch them play for a while, you almost forget why you liked them in the first place. That’s it with Trott. It’s been a while he played, and when he did, I gave the test a miss. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch a game that was already decided. So I miss most of it, and switch on when England needs one to win, and it’s the last over before tea.

The build up was no different to Bravo’s last over yesterday (ODI vs S.A) where he bowled a few dot balls, somehow pushed it to one required of the last ball. Another game, I couldn’t bring myself to watch.

And even though the solitary runs were scored in both games, as expected, Trott did the unexpected. After scoring the winning runs he walks away, then walks back - once at the crease he plays some arithmetic cricket – not quite measuring the crease and drawing with chalk but close. Poker faced. Job done, he walks off.

Is Jonathan Trott any relative of Neil McKenzie? What was Trott’s victory dance like – there was no dance, Trott did the goosestep, his version. “What’choo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

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Unknown said...

RIP Gary Coleman