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"Don't call me Nohit Sharma"

by Gaurav Sethi

You can call me The Artist formerly known as Nohit. That has a swagger to it, I can almost see myself breaking into song, a Bollywood ballad. Anyway, it’s just a matter of time before they start calling me Prince or Nawab of Nagpur.

Did you notice how I pulled and hooked the Lankans, and I’m Indian. I will speak with Garry and ask if I can help the captain and the other seniors back home with their pulling.

I’d like to thank someone, I don’t remember who really, someone who said, in passing, just play like it’s the IPL, and you will score tons of runs. Now you see what has happened, even in my dreams I’m scoring runs. Earlier my dream runs were few, I won’t even call them dream runs. What else?

I hope my good India form doesn’t affect my IPL form – there is always a chance that playing too much for India, can leave you with little time to recover for the IPL season. That is where the 20s and 30s for India were crucial, finally the selectors had to drop me. But now after these two hundreds it will be up to me to drop the selectors. Cheeka, watch out! (languid laugh)

Don’t you think I was really cool today, I’ve really worked on my easy-going look. That makes everything look even easier than it is. Deep down I’m tough as nails, but with this look, I look, you know what…whatever…gotta go, sign some autographs (yawns)


straight point said...

he still is nohit sharma...

he can 'nohit' a wrong shot in this form... :)

Rohit said...

*Feels like a parent in a fairytale romance/sports movie whose long derided underdog son with undoubted potential finally gets the girl/wins the game in the climax*