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Frequent flyer miles

by Gaurav Sethi

That’s what Raina and his rouges picked from the Windies to Zimba to India to Lanka. They dropped their pants in the one-dayers, then they put them on, and got lucky with the toss. You’d expect an India A side to beat the Zim mainstay. Didn’t happen, and it’s swell the toss worked as an alibi.

But the WTF T20 series, that was an assault on the non-senses, could the BCCI not evict their team once they didn’t make the finals. Instead the boys had to see Victoria falls I presume.

Yusuf Pathan became man-of-the-match. Then Yusuf walked in, with little to do except hit a six and win the game. But the wily Zimba boy, bowled a short ball, and how could he let it go – so he tonked it, well within the 30 yards. He got out, as did his judgment. That was entertainment.

Which the Zim commentators are not – they will tell you about Yusuf, “when he hits it, it stays hit”. They will also call Naman Ojha – Dinesh Karthik. And then comes the smug Tony Greg looking down on God’s creation and Arun Lal, which is ok, because A Lal looks down on A Lal.

The WTF T20 series. Everyone gave a flying fck. For miles and miles.

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