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Is it the Asia cup?

by Gaurav Sethi

Bored Peon: It’s not like China, Malaysia, Singapore  or the U.A.E are playing, it’s a subcontinent scene. We should call it the Sub continent Cup. Subka Cup, Sub continent Cup, then we can have Subway to sponsor, they will have specials for match days.

Bored Neon: subway sucks, but then so does the sub continent cup

Bored Peon:
aah, you said it, you like the name?!

Bored Neon:
they could call it the Dambulla Cup for all I care

Bored Peon:
At least Dambulla has bounce

Bored Neon:
Right now we need bouncers to get India away from Lanka

Bored Peon:
Ha! I saw this cricinfo cartoon on bouncers…

Bored Neon: At least put a link to it when you speak

Bored Peon: This is outrageous…you are bitter because India keeps losing

Bored Neon:
I prefer talking to you when you’re a cartoon, at least then it’s short and sweet


straight point said...

"Is it the Asia cup?"

no it is mal-asia cup...

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this line from Slate - "Pointyheads have attributed ________'s woes to various factors, among them Premier League fatigue, but one look at __________'s scowling visage in the warm-ups was enough to tell you what kind of pressure the _______ players are facing."

Sounds close to home? Actually is a reference to England's draw with the USA in the WC! Deja vu!

Gaurav Sethi said...

SP, wah, wah!

Anon, touche!