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hindsight is such a nice place to be...

by straight point

murali vijay's recent failures have created doubts about his potential... his talent... questions have been asked about his worth in indian cricket...

moreover... his failures have been seen and justified as the difference between ipl and international cricket... as if you just have to take guard in ipl and runs begin to flow for you automatically...

lets see...

ab de villiers
kumar sangakara
shaun marsh
yuvraj singh
graeme smith
eoin morgan
ross taylor
cameron white

do you see any correlation in the names that i have listed above...?

all these established names above did not have a good ipl...


Mahek said...

Think most of these guys have shown they can cut it at the international level, something Vijay is yet to prove. You're free to assume the IPL is of the same standard as international cricket or even better. Let others be ignorant and think it's not serious cricket.

straight point said...

or let close the eye to the fact that who have already made cut to the international cricket (in so many numbers) were outdone by the player who is yet to prove his credential...

Mahek said...

If you want to look at such small samples then Geoff Allott had a better World Cup than Wasim Akram in 1999.

raj said...

Hey much appreciate your support to M Vijay but the guy's gone and blown his chances. How many more chances does he need?

straight point said...

...and exactly how many chances he is given from the format he is being dropped...?

vmminerva said...

It's a pity about Vijay. But T20 is a different format, requires a different skill - given that there are folks touchy about this, and that the T20 is a fairly new format, I will not say one is trivial. They're just different. I think Vijay deserves a place in the Test squad when there's a open slot. Perhaps Yuvraj's slot. He's got the talent; he needs to adjust between the different format and not play ODIs like T20.

Aditya said...

M Vijay looked confused during the ODI series actually..he scratched around scored at or below a strike rate of 50 on most occasions..the pitches ha some juice in them when we were batting 1st (3 times out of 4) and got out trying to up the the longer format of the game he has time to settle in and scoring a 50 s/r is good enough. In T20 he can go flash bang right from the start and the IPL performances shouldn't be used as a parameter to compare him with the given list of international starts..
and everyone mentioned in the list failed at international level right away or were going through a bad patch in their careers or retired..
in your given list on AbD turned it on in the T20 WC and Eion Morgan and White weren't given many opportunities @ RCB given KP Ross Steyn and Kallis played most matches..

M Vijay should be played as an opener on placid sub continental wickets I am sure he will bounce back !