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Nohit Sharma's non-stretch.

by Gaurav Sethi

When Sachin is away, the next Sachin will play. But he isn't Nohit Sharma for nothing; he will refuse to play even when he plays. That in itself is something. Nohit, as you are no doubt aware, refuses to stretch himself. He is hooked to what his Bombay boys call the "lazy elegance" of Rohit Sharma. How can you stretch when you are lazy n elegant?

In yesterday's game, he nohit the ball. It's so tempting, he had to try it again - and it met with the same results as in the game against Bangladesh -

14.5 82.4 kph, and he's gone first ball! All those talks of bonus points can stop for a while, since Shakib is creating a chance for Bangladesh here. Arm ball speared in on off and heading straight for leg. Rohit makes a lazy forward lunge with bat tucked behind the pad and it hits him flush in front of middle. The umpire thinks it through and rules him out. Well! 80/3

And now this, against Pakistan -

41.2 93.2 kph, Sharma goes! Plays for the legspinner, pressing forward to defend, and this one goes straight through and hits him in front of off and middle. So plumb that even Billy Bowden (usually a not-outer) immediately raised the finger! Afridi gets into his Becker-like celebration 208/4

This may appear a lazy post, using all these cricinfo cut pastes and all, but before you accuse me, take a look at Nohit Sharma. Like Nohit, so this post. 

Bored aside: Nohit refuses to stretch himself as he is afraid of stretch marks

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