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Asia Cup or Micromax Cup played between Asian countries

by Dhaanu

The Football World Cup is having its main sponsor as Coca Cola. Coca Cola chose the theme song for the Cup (which is quite an awesome song by the way). However the World Cup is not referred to as the Coca Cola World Cup.

Rolex has installed its only digital watches in the Wimbledon Courts to serve as the timekeeper of the matches played there. However no commentator refers to Rolex in stupid ways like "Rolex Time outs" and "the match has gone for 4 long hours as shown in the Rolex clocks".

The Olympics are the pinnacle of quite a few sports. All the eminent athletes sport gear of their sponsors (Nike, Reebok, Adidas) who tend to bring out new and improved versions of their products during the Games the motive being that a small part of success of their endorsers is attributed to the cutting edge provided by these products. There is a lot of money at stake. However no one has dared to lure the Olympic organizers to rename it as, say "Mixcromax Olympics"

My point is why the major tournaments organised by the cricket boards are prefixesd by the names of the bloody sponsors. I get it if triangulers are named so. However why are supposedly prestigious Cups like the Asia Cup or the World Cup given the "Micromax" treatment.

Asia Cup used to be a prestigious tournament. Now it seems to have become an afterthought due to the surplus of cricket and decline in the popularity of ODIs. The last thing to do to make it more relevant is to call it the "Micromax Asia Cup". Everyone forgets the Asia and only remembers the Micromax part and the stupid Akshay Kumar laugh-heehaw mixture. Now to add to that picture, we have the glorified bimbo Twinkle Khanna.

If the ICC wants cricket to be taken seriously, shouldn't this practice be stopped? Sponsors should be grateful of associated with cricket. They should not be pampered by making their brand names glorified adjectives.


Gaurav Sethi said...

And here we were blaming just these Micromax guys, the sickness dates back to the Prudential Cup. And India thinks they won the WC.

Interesting angle Dhaanu

Aditya said...

The ICC is doing it's bit from the 1999 ODI WC all ICC tournaments do not have sponsors names attached to them..It's the boards who pimp up sponsors and all the football boards also do it be it Barclays premier league, Carling cup etc.. ACC should take a leaf from UEFA thou... anyhow the money from the Asia cup goes to ACC (which is cash strapped and will use it in development programmes in non cricketing countries) accuse the ACC and not the boards in this One!

Anonymous said...

@NC - Thanks mate.

@Aditya - Yup. ACC and other tournament organisers which pimp the names should reconsider. It makes sense to not brand the name. That way, you are not having just one sponsor.